Sublime Text 2

As we are all looking for the best and most efficient tools as modern human beings; I also found myself on a journey to find the best code editor as a web developer. Since I’m a Codeigniter developer the editor should help me with PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML as those are the types of files I work with on a daily basis.

The last year I’ve always been happy with Coda by Panic, a super simple and lovely designed code editor with all the build-in tools to start developing. But, as you might expected, Code proved to be too simple for me over time. It lacked decent code-completion(only partly possible via a plugin), it wasn’t environment aware to help we with auto completing variables and the build-in SFTP browser was slow and buggy.

So I started to ask others what their workflows where. Some peepz worked with an IDE like Zend Studio, Komodo or Netbeans, all of them are huge apps and take quite some RAM while running, on the other hand they had really advanced code-completion and awareness of your whole app(as long as you have the folders locally). Other developers swore with simpeler tools like TextMate which promises great usability and lots of plugins for your convenience, but it turned out that TextMate couldn’t live up to my expectations with PHP code-completion and other smart plugins.

Then, three weeks after I settled with Zend Studio for it’s great focus on PHP I got a glance at Sublime Text 2. The interface was just super clean, the default colors looked fresh and Dennis, the guy using it, showed me all the nifty workflows. It turned out that there are some really advanced plugins available, it has build-in awesome code-completion and is full of handy workflows and shortkeys every developer loves. I’ve been working with it for a week now, the trail is free for a still uncertain period, and I already fell in love with the smart workflows and plugins.

Try it out, it’s fresh, it’s free and super powerful!


jQuery Mobile

Currently I’m working with jQuery Mobile for Rototray. It’s a pretty neat framework, maybe the most promising one on the market right now. It supports most mobile browsers and has some cool animations and it’s completely written in jQuery off course! Check it out at http://jquerymobile.com/.


Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.